What You Need To Know About College Entrance Exams

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many colleges and universities adjusted their admission standards. Some of them cancel ACT/SAT criteria altogether. Meanwhile, some others make some adjustment to make sure students still go through fair admission process during all limitation caused by the pandemic.

The importance of college entrance exams

College entrance exams are conducted to measure students’ math, analytical, verbal, and writing skills. Most four-year colleges and universities require students to submit their test scores. Acing on ACT or SAT exams can increase your chance of acceptance for college admission. And here are things you should know about SAT and ACT:


SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test and is one of the two major standardized exams to evaluate student’s readiness to enter college. Each year, around 2 millions students take this exam for the purpose of college admission.

SAT is mostly required by East and West coast schools. Some schools even require students to submit the optional SAT essay score. The test itself spans three hours. There are different sections including reading, writing and language, and math. For essay test, students will be given another fifty minutes to their total time.

SAT is taken by high school students during junior or senior year. However, you can also take it earlier if you want. SAT test can be taken on site facilitated by high schools. Or, you can take it at any official test center in the US and abroad.

It is strongly recommended to choose the date for the test wisely. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to study. It is recommended to register for SAT test four months in advance so you can use that time to study and make necessary preparations.


ACT stands for American College Testing and is used to assess students’ college readiness. The test include different areas such as English, math, reading, and scientific reasoning. The ACT scores are mostly used by colleges and universities to evaluate applicants.

Most four-year universities in the Midwest and Southern US prefer ACT over SAT. The test itself spans two hours and fifty five minutes. The test is broken down into English, math, reading, and science sections. You can also take optional essay test in which you will be given another forty minutes. The test itself consists of multiple-choice questions.

Most students take ACT exam during junior year and you can register through the ACT’s official website. Some high schools facilitate ACT testing on site but you can also take it at any official test center in the US.

Just like SAT exam, it is best to be prepared before taking ACT exam.  Give yourself at least two months to study for the exam. Create a study schedule to help you learn consistently and effectively.


Both SAT and ACT exams are used to assess students’ college readiness. Both tests are content-based and include sections in English, math, and reading. Both have time constraints to complete each sections and offer optional essay portion with additional time portion.