Various Unwritten Work Ethics That Affect Your Career

Every job has its own level of difficulty and almost all jobs are tiring. This will eventually bring you to a saturation point at work. But behind all that there is always a reciprocal for you, both in terms of work relations, finances and also capacity building.

But maybe some of you feel that the work you are doing is just stuck there or in other words, you are not experiencing a career advancement. To overcome this, then you need to read the reviews below. Below will be given a review of the work ethic that is not written but has a great influence and impact on career advancement.

What is an Unwritten Work Ethic?

Diligently Greet Coworkers

Greeting coworkers is a good thing in a work environment. In addition to making your employees comfortable, this can also increase your emotional closeness with other employees, both superiors and coworkers.

If here you work in a work environment that has many employees or employees, it is impossible for your boss to recognize them one by one. The simplest thing that can be done is you greet them and give the impression that you are increasingly recognized in the company environment.

Active in Group Chat

Almost all job scopes nowadays have group chats. The scope of work is like a divisional group or general group which aims to facilitate the delivery of work directions to all employees, so that later it can be reached by all existing employees.

You can always respond to the information that has been provided, such as agreeing, saying thank you, stating that you are ready to carry out and so on. Although it tends to be simple, providing information will feel appreciated and elevate the information that has been received.

You can also ask things that are not affected by the information that has been provided so that later there will be no misunderstandings in the application. If you consistently do this, then you will be better known by people who are just silent when they see information in group chats.

Becoming the Initiator of Employee Activities

In a company there must be someone here who will be responsible for personnel matters, such as human resources. But even so, there will still be things that go unnoticed.

Here you can be the initiator of employee agendas, such as reminding who’s birthday is, planning employee holidays, planning competitions at certain moments, holding social gatherings, recitations or other agendas that can increase intimacy between fellow employees.

You can start a discussion with the employee forum or labor alliance where you work. Also, you can try having a casual talk with the human resources department.

Always Take Care of Appearance

There are rules so that employees always maintain their appearance, such as haircuts, uniforms, shoe colors and so on. In addition to these standards regarding appearance, there are also things that are often ignored by employees, namely facial cleanliness, body odor, hair neatness and uniform neatness.