Tips to Know Before Studying at Middle Eastern Colleges

One needs to study the Middle East to be able to understand Islam in depth. There are several universities in the Middle East that have the best quality in the field of Islamic studies. Such as Sudan, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon.

Things to Prepare Before Studying in Middle Eastern Universities

The entrance exam to campuses in the Middle East is not easy. There are some preparations to be made. Here are some of them:

  1. Learn Arabic well

Mastering the Arabic language is the main key to pass the entrance selection at Middle Eastern universities. However, this is not easy and takes time. Therefore, you should learn Arabic since high school.

The Arabic language ability in question is not only reading and writing, but also speaking. During the interview, you are required to be able to speak Arabic. This will determine whether you pass or not. In fact, the ability to speak Arabic will also be very useful when studying in the destination country later.

  • Prepare Your Quran Recitation

One of the unique requirements for prospective university applicants in the Middle East is memorizing the Quran. Although there is no minimum number of juz that must be memorized, you should prepare ahead of time.

However, the more memorization you have, the more likely it is to be accepted. However, if you can’t memorize all of it, try to be able to sound your rote fluently during the test.

  • Study the Test Questions

The main key to successfully entering a Middle East campus is mastering test questions. Make sure you learn a lot of questions long ago. Collect the questions and understand them well. Usually, the questions given are not much different from before.

If necessary, create a special group with your peers who wish to enroll in a Middle Eastern university. This will increase the enthusiasm to study harder. In addition, there is usually a dedicated community of Middle Eastern scholarship seekers. You can use this to prepare to register later.

  • Find Scholarship

If you feel you are financially incapable of studying at a Middle Eastern campus, be sure to look for scholarships in advance. Currently, there are many types of scholarships that can be accessed with attractive offers such as fully funded.

However, understand well what are the terms and conditions for applying for a scholarship to study in the Middle East. However, it should be understood that the standards for scholarship recipients are quite high so you must be able to compete.

  • Pray

Another preparation that is no less important is prayer. By praying, the impossible becomes possible. Therefore, make sure you pray every day. In addition, praying will also increase self-confidence in facing the entrance exam to Middle East campuses. In addition to the things above, there are various other things that you need to prepare. Including fees for courses, accommodation and others. If you have seniors at your destination campus, this will be even easier because you can ask them for tips and tricks.