Tips to Avoid Wasting in the Month of Ramadan

Controlling finances is one of the things that need to be done, as well as when the month of Ramadan arrives. As is well known, during the month of Ramadan, generally THR money is often used for shopping or used for other purposes that are deemed less important.

That in the end will only make you wasteful in this month of Ramadan. Therefore, so that you can avoid these actions, the following will be given some tips so that you avoid wasting during the month of Ramadan.

What are the tips to do to avoid waste in the month of Ramadan?

Reducing Hanging Out at the Café or Mall

The month of Ramadan is the best month for you to do a lot of worship. All worship that you do, whether it is mandatory or sunnah worship will be given a double reward. That’s why, here you can multiply and take the time to worship and reduce the time to hang out in cafes or at the mall.

With lots of worship and less time hanging out, it will increase the reward. It will also make your pocket healthier. This method can be the most effective way to do so that you can save money in the month of Ramadan.

Take advantage of Iftar at the Mosque

This method is an alternative that can be done to save money, especially for those of you who are still single. By breaking the fast together at the mosque, it will reduce expenses to buy food when it is time to break the fast. Generally, several mosques in the city will provide iftar menus that you can enjoy for free.

Reduce Iftar Activities

The next very powerful tip in reducing expenses during the month of Ramadan is reducing iftar activities with your friends or relatives. Usually when the month of Ramadan arrives, there will be lots of invitations to break the fast together.

Bukber is indeed important to extend the relationship, but here you need to carefully choose which one should be prioritized. There’s nothing wrong here once in a while if you go to break fast together, but avoid breaking fast together too often during the month of Ramadan. Because in the end it will only drain your pocket by buying food outside.

Buying Eid clothes at the beginning of Ramadan

As we all know, when the holidays approach, many prices suddenly jump, including the price of clothes. To outsmart it, then you can buy new clothes to wear during Ramadan at the beginning of Ramadan.

Generally, the price of clothes at the beginning of the month of Ramadan is still relatively cheap. Therefore, it is better for those of you who are planning to buy new clothes or want to wear new clothes during Eid, then try to buy them at the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

Save THR to be used as savings

Some people, especially those who are employees, will immediately spend the THR money they get. This is indeed something that is very fun, especially THR is indeed the most awaited thing. But instead of wasting THR money, you should save the money for savings. Allocate the THR money for more useful things.