Tips for Being a Housewife and Career Woman

Some people think that the nature of women is to be a housewife who only takes care of the house. Well, this is indeed natural because since ancient times our brains have always been instilled that women can only be households.

But on the other hand there are still many women who want to be another role in life, namely being a career woman.

Being a career woman is an option that needs to be considered because on the other hand, women also have an obligation to take care of their husbands and children.

So can you be a career woman as well as a housewife?

The answer, of course, is that it can, namely with some lifestyle changes that need to be implemented in order to keep it running as it should.

Tips for Being a Housewife and Career Woman

Asking for Blessing from Husband

The first thing that needs to be done clearly is to ask permission from the husband who is the head of the household.

The goal is to make it easier and to avoid disputes in the household in the future, because it is not impossible that later life patterns will change after becoming a career woman.

Flexibility in Handling Various Affairs and Problems

Women’s duties are indeed very many, such as bathing children and taking care of husbands who will go to work and many others.

However, even so, when you choose to double as a career woman, you will be forced to face circumstances, namely when you face and take care of various things and solve problems. Therefore you must be efficient in solving various problems

Become Supermom

Becoming a career woman as well as a housewife is a fairly risky decision, in the sense that the demands will be very high.

On the other hand, they have to take care of the household, for example preparing breakfast for their children and husband before leaving for work.

Therefore, women are required to be supermoms which means that they can carry out their wife’s duties properly and on the other hand carry out their obligations as career women.

Ask for Spouse Support

When you become a career woman, of course, you will definitely face various problems, especially in matters of work. Then that’s when you need support and help from your partner to relieve and solve problems.

Time Management

Being a career woman is indeed quite helpful on the economic side, but it also needs to be considered, especially time for family in order to maintain harmony.

Arrange time to gather with family for example at the end as a time for fun, swimming and camping for example.

Open in Financial Affairs

As a career woman, of course, more or less will definitely be capable in terms of finances, in financial matters even though the wife’s finances are not the husband’s rights, women still have to be transparent with their husbands so that nothing is hidden from one another.

Keeping Couple’s Feelings

It happens to some people, especially those who have just become career women, so they don’t take care of their partner’s feelings because they are financially independent. Such an attitude should not be done, because basically all husbands do not really expect if their wife becomes a career woman, therefore, stay respectful and keep the feelings of your partner in harmony.