Tips for Applying for Jobs to Pass to the Final Stage

From a survey that has been conducted, it is found that more than 50% of workers in Indonesia have lost their jobs. While the rest are experiencing a decrease in salary or they are temporarily housed during this pandemic.

This phenomenon is what ultimately makes demand and supply in the world of work experience inequality at this time. Job vacancies are few while job applicants are overflowing, and that creates imbalanced conditions.

For those of you who are currently looking for job vacancies, then you must be able to compete with other applicants and be able to get a new job so that later you can meet your living expenses. To find out how to pass a job application, then you need to read the review below to the end.

What are the Tips for Applying for Jobs to Pass to the Final Stage?

Apply for Jobs That Really Match Your Skills

Most job applicants often make mistakes, namely they apply for jobs that do not match their talents and skills. Many job applicants spread applications to various companies for various types and positions which are not at all in accordance with their abilities.

In the end it will only be a waste of time, because it is deemed less efficient and effective. Take the example here. If you master digital marketing techniques, then you should look for this position to make it easier for you to qualify for the final stage.

Design the best possible CV

It is important that you have a CV that is as well-crafted as possible. This mistake is often made by job applicants. They often make CV carelessly, because they think it is less important. Whereas CV is the first entry gate when you want to enter the next stage. Make sure the CV you make is really clear, neat, appropriate and also attractive.

Use More Than 2 Job Search Sites

The next tip for you to be able to pass to the next job stage and get a new job is to use more than 2 job search sites. In today’s online world, internet technology is used by companies and recruiters to use job vacancies to find jobs.

Creating Professional Social Media Accounts

One of the conditions that is often experienced by someone when undergoing an interview session is that they are asked if they have an account on social media. The interviewer will ask for the social media address to provide further assessment of you. Therefore, you must create a truly professional social media account.

Develop Ability

For the last tip, you should always develop your skills. It’s never too late to learn. In order for you to become more proficient here in the field that you have mastered, then you must develop these abilities every day. Especially in an era that is so sophisticated as it is today, you must always be able to adapt to the demands of the times.

Those were some job applicant tips that you need to know. Applying for a job is indeed an easy thing, but to be accepted and pass to the final stage is not as easy as imagined. Therefore, make sure you follow the tips and tricks that have been given above.