The University of Edinburgh as One of the Best Universities in Europe

This campus is very popular in the world. Many students aspire to study there. At this university you can study undergraduate, postgraduate to doctoral levels. Here is information about the courses, locations and costs of education at the University of Edinburgh.

About the University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the leading universities located in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland England. This university has been established since 1583 and still exists today.

Each year, the University of Edinburgh receives approximately 47,000 applicants. That’s because the University of Edinburgh is ranked 17th in the world. This university has a vision to make the world a better place to live.

This college is very proud of being able to produce great scientists, such as Max Born, Richard Bright, Thomas Bayes, Joseph Lister, Alexander Wood, Kenneth Murray, Ian Frazer, Adam Ferguson, Joseph Black and others.

Courses at the University of Edinburgh

The quality of education at this university is unquestionable. The majors offered are very diverse from all fields. Here are some of the faculties and departments available:

  1. Faculty of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

This faculty has several majors consisting of: Biomedical Informatics, Anatomy and Development, Infectious Diseases, Neuroscience, Medical Sciences, Pharmacology, Oral Health Sciences, Reproductive Biology and Physiology.

  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

This faculty has several majors consisting of: Animation, Acoustics and Music Technology, Architecture, Applied Sport Science, Art, Film and Televition, Fashion, Illustration, Graphic Design, Music, Interior Design, Nursing Studies and Product Design.

Besides, there are also Photography, Sculpture, Psychology, Textiles and Sport Management.

  • Faculty of Science and Engineering

Artificial Intelligence, Biological Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Ecological and Enviromental Sciences, Engineering and Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

Besides, there are also Geology, Geography, Mathematics, Geophysics, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, Software Engineering, Physics, Theoretical Physics and Structural and Fire Safety Engineering.

Requirements to register at the University of Edinburgh

There are several requirements that you must meet when enrolling in this college. The main requirement is a diploma and transcript. In addition, you must also have a letter of recommendation from two figures, a teacher or leader.

Another main requirement is English language proficiency as evidenced by a TOEFL or IELTS certificate. In addition, other required documents need to be prepared, including document translation.

Scholarships for Studying at The University of Edinburgh

Some people think that studying at the world’s best campus is not easy because it requires high costs. In fact, the fact is that there are various scholarships that you can take so you can study for free.

Among these are the Robertson International Scholarships, Richard Davidson International Scholarship, Edinburgh Undergraduate Global Mathematics Scholarship and Royal School of Vaterinary Studies International Scholarship.

That’s some important information about The University of Edinburgh that can increase your insight. It should be understood that getting into this university is not easy so you need to prepare well. If necessary, take courses at official institutions to make it easier for you to be accepted on this campus.