The Tuition Fees for European Campuses You Need to Know Before Studying at a Foreign Universities

The European continent is one of the best higher education centers in the world. This causes the cost of education on European campuses   is relatively high. However, each country charges different fees depending on the university.

List of Tuition Fees on European Campuses

Before applying to a campus in Europe, make sure you know how much the tuition costs per semester. Then, make sure the cost is sufficient plus the need for food and shelter. Here is the estimated cost of college in Europe:

  1. France

Meanwhile, the cost of studying in France is quite affordable compared to other European countries. Even so, you should not be happy at first because it turns out that the cost of living in this country is quite expensive, especially if you live in the city center.

The average tuition fee at French Universities is 600 USD per year. However, the average cost of living is around 1400 USD per month.

  • English

In academics, the UK is one of the best. In fact, some of the country’s universities are ranked among the best in the world. The cost of studying in the UK depends on the level you are taking and the university you are going to.

For undergraduates, the cost per semester in the UK is on average 12,000 to 40,000 GBP. While the average postgraduate tuition fee is 15,000 to 30,000 GPB.

  • German

Germany is a country that excels in higher education. Many international students are enrolled at the campus. Germany even provides free education up to university level.

However, students still have to pay for some other needs besides tuition fees, such as administrative fees. However, the fees are still affordable compared to other European campuses.

  • Italy

The country of Italy also has several quality universities. However, there is a difference in tuition fees between private campuses and public universities.

In one year, you need about 42,000 USD tuition fees for a private university. As for public universities, you need 36,000 USD.

  • Spanish

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive college in Europe, we recommend enrolling in a Spanish university. This country sets tuition fees that are quite cheap for all circles, even international students.

In one year, you only need about 1000 to 36,000 USD. While the cost of living in this country is around 1000 to 1300 USD.

  • Dutch

In addition to several European countries above, the Netherlands is also one of the references for international student universities. As with other colleges, there is a cost difference between undergraduate and graduate programs.

The average tuition fee in the Netherlands for international students is 13.000 USD per year for undergraduates. As for postgraduates, per year you have to pay an average of 14,000 to 42,000 USD. That’s information about the average tuition fees at European universities that you need to know before applying to campus. You also need to understand that in addition to tuition fees, there are also other costs such as accommodation, meals, housing and others.