The Right and Wise Way to Use E-money

Due to the development of technology that is increasingly advanced and fast as it is now, almost all aspects of human life are finally touched by the results of the progress of the mind. Therefore, bank products such as currency, which are currently starting to transform into e-money or electronic money, are unavoidable.

The issuance of electronic money is the result of a decision made by Bank Indonesia to reduce the circulation of cash in the community as well as to reduce the cost of printing money, which is relatively large. Transactions made with e-money are much faster because the system is like using a debit card.

But even so, in using electronic money or e-money, you have to stay smart and use it wisely. The following are some of the proper ways to use e-money that you need to know.

What is the Right and Wise Way to Use E-money?

Use e-money Like Cash

The form of e-money tends to be more practical when compared to cash, so here you don’t need too much space to carry large amounts of money. It is important for you to treat the money in the e-money as you would treat cash in general.

For example, here, for example, you just received a salary, then immediately divide the salary into several expense items and don’t forget to leave most of your income for savings or investment.

Avoid Charging Too Much Money in e-money

The practicality of e-money has indeed made it easier for users to use and carry money, but it also creates potential risks. The potential risk is like you lose e-money, so it’s the same here you lose some of the money contained in it.

Adjust the type of e-money to your needs and needs

So that later you don’t fall asleep and make the e-money increase your expenses even more, then you should choose the type which really suits your needs and needs.

Several kinds of e-money are used to pay for public transportation tickets, pay for parking and toll tickets, pay bills, pay transactions for merchants, entertainment venues and so on.

Don’t Be Seduced By Promotions

You should not be too complacent with the various promotions issued by e-money products to generate your interest in using and using them, so that this will only make your expenses even more bloated.

Get used to Discipline in Using e-money

Make sure here you use the facilities contained in e-money for transactions that have been planned. Another way to limit it is by setting the largest nominal that may be in the e-money so that you are not too wasteful later.

Use Debit Card for Big Transactions

If here you want to make a transaction that has a large nominal, then try to use a debit card which of course has a larger balance. Using a debit card to make large value transactions is considered relatively safe, because here you secure it using a personal identity number.

Avoid Paying Bills Using e-money

Try here you pay various bills using a debit card only. Bill payments made using e-money will only have the potential to cause security problems that tend to be high, considering that here you have to always top up with a nominal that is not small.