The following are tips for success when participating in a job fair

Job fairs are often held as a means used to bring companies together with prospective employees. There are lots of companies participating, so here you just have to go to the place where the exhibition is being held and you can directly apply to various companies.

Thus it can save time and cost compared to having to send application letters to the company one by one. For those of you who are currently looking for work, then you need to follow these tips that can get you a job and can increase your career path.

What are Job Fair Success Tips?

Prepare CV

Make your CV compact and not more than 3 pages. See if there is an incorrect address, name, and phone number. After you read the news, don’t forget to save your CV in softcopy with a name that is easy to find when you save it on your computer or flash drive.

Do an anti-virus scan to make sure there are no viruses that can later damage your data. A soft copy of the CV is very important in anticipation of the previous CV that you have printed on the paper is lost, damaged or reduced. With you have a CV, then you can more easily reprint at the cafe.

Bringing Support Equipment

The next tip is that you need to bring supporting equipment such as pens, laptops, flash drives and some other equipment that is considered related. The pen here is very important for you to use to fill out the form, while as a soft copy storage medium from your CV, you can bring a flash disk. As for the laptop device, it is used to store data or show examples of applications that you have created.

Prepare Physical

The trick is to get enough sleep at night before joining the job fair. Because you need to know that lack of sleep will make you physically less healthy, besides that your mood is not good and makes your appearance not fresh. Even if a direct interview is conducted here, you might find it difficult to answer questions and of course this will have an impact on your poor grades.

Good looking

When you attend a job fair, don’t ever underestimate your appearance. Even though some companies are looking for workers through CVs to be followed up, there are also those who directly carry out interview sessions. Therefore, appearance is very important to be able to give a professional and neat impression.

Always Be Friendly

Make sure when you come to the job fair, here you always show a friendly and friendly face. Likewise for the other visitors. Even if you are both looking for work here, it doesn’t mean you have to be hostile to them. Being friendly and trying to make friends will make the atmosphere much more relaxed and fun. With friends, of course you don’t need to feel bored when you have to queue, you can even share very valuable experiences. In addition, who knows your new friend can be used as a connection in getting a job.