Making Preparation For Your College Admission Interview

College admission interview can be daunting for most students. It is such a nerve-wrecking process of college admission. Most students worry about whether or not they are going to be able to talk properly and answer the questions asked by the admission committee with nerves, anxiety, and all. Keep in mind that it is okay to feel a bit stress facing this kind of challenge. It makes you want to do better and prepare well.

College admission interview tips to consider

Making preparation will help a lot in calming down your nerves for college admission interview . With the right preparation, you will be more ready to face the interview even if you still feel nervous. Here are some tips to excel your college admission interview:

Research about the university

One of the most important preparations is research. Make sure to learn more about the university you apply for in advance. Take some points that can help you understand more about the university, and your future academic journey there.

Wear proper attire

Business casual attire is always a safe choice when it comes to interview. The most important thing is to look presentable and polite. Avoid wearing too revealing clothes. For boys, button-down shirts and professional pants are more preferable. You may also replace button-down shirt with polo shirt. Girls can wear similar clothes or a skirt. Make sure to wash your face, and brush your teeth too. You can wear a bit of makeup to look more awake but don’t do it too much.

Focus on your breathing

Breathing can help a lot in calming your nerves and maintaining focus. It is okay for you to tell the interviewers that you are nervous and need a second to breathe and calm yourself down. Make sure to drink water before entering the room since feeling nervous can make your throat feels drier.

Prepare your own questions

Prepare questions about the university and interviewer to show that you are prepared. It also shows your interest to the university. However, make sure to give appropriate response too. Try to make conversation as natural as possible to let the interviewer learn more about you and tell you anything you would like to learn about the university.

Smile genuinely and shake hands

If you are going to attend face-to-face interview at the university, you need to learn how to make polite interaction such as how to hand shake properly. Make sure your handshake is firm enough but not too strong or weak.

Arrive early

It is important to be punctual since it shows that you are mature and take the interview seriously. Try to arrive at least 20 minutes before your scheduled time so you have time to prepare yourself and calm your nerves as well.

Listen attentively and put your phone down

Before the interview starts, put down your phone. Make sure that you listen attentively to the interviewer while they are speaking. Give proper response and stay respectful. Make eye contact to show your interest and attentiveness.