List of Famous Colleges in the World You Must Know

Studying in college is one way to develop individual qualities. The purpose of continuing education from senior high school is to become an expert in a particular field. Did you know the world’s most popular colleges? Read the list below!

Some of the World’s Popular Colleges QS World University Version

Studying in the best college is everyone’s dream. There are several advanced campuses in the world that are of great interest to many people. Here are some of them:

  1. Harvard University

Harvard University is the oldest campus in the United States. This campus has produced many scientists and influential figures in the world. There are many departments from various scientific fields to choose from at Harvard University.

The university was founded in 1636 and still exists today. As one of the best universities in the world, students from all over the world are competing to be accepted into it. The faculties that can be chosen at the university are medicine, law, arts, public health and others.

  • Stanford University

Stanford is a campus in the United States that was founded in 1891. Located in California, Stanford has been named the second best campus in the world. This is one of the private universities that competes with other legendary colleges.

The departments to choose from at this university are law, engineering, humanities, business, medicine to science. One of the popular Stanford University graduates is Jamid Karim who is the co-founder of YouTube,

  • University of Oxford

According to the official website of the University of Oxford, the university was founded in 1906. However, it began to develop rapidly since 1167. The university is located in the United Kingdom city of Oxford, exactly 90 km from the capital city of London.

There are more than 350 different disciplines in Oxford. Some of the popular majors are Archeology, Geography, English Language and Literature, Anthropology, Anatomy and Physiology and Modern Languages.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts is one of the best universities in the world which was founded in 1861. This university is located in the City of Cambridge. At first, the university only provided science and technology majors.

However, over time, other faculties such as economics, political science, management and biology began to be established. There are several majors that are popular in Massachusetts, such as Architecture, Mathematics, Brain Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and others.

  • University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. Located in the United Kingdom, England, the university is an ancient university that has outstanding achievements in the world. The university has won more than 80 Nobel Prizes.

The University of Cambridge offers several courses that are in high demand, such as Geography, Economics, Music, Education Management, Theology, Philosophy, History and many others. Those are some of the best Colleges in the world that you can choose to continue your studies. Choose a major that suits your interests, then look for universities in the world that have the best quality majors.