List of Best and Popular Colleges in Southeast Asia

By far, most people believe that the best universities are in Europe. In fact, in Southeast Asia there are also well-known universities that can be used as study destinations. Several Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and China have universities with superior quality.

List of Best Colleges in Southeast Asia

Although not as many as in Europe, in Asia there are some of the best universities. Check out the list below:

  1. Nanyang Tecknological University

In the last six years, Nanyang Technological University has become one of the best universities in the world. This university is located in Singapore. There, you can take both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

This college has some of the best majors, such as Electrical Engineering, Business and Management, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and others.

  • National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the first best university in Asia. In addition, it is the oldest campus in Singapore. To become an advanced university because it is supported by competent educators.

Like other top campuses, NUS offers a variety of majors and study foci. Among them are Computer Science and Information Systems, Social Policy & Administration, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geography, Electrical Engineering and others.

  • University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Apart from Singapore, Malaysia also has some of the best campuses that are recognized in the world, one of which is the University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Founded in 1970, this university has a very superior quality in research and publications.

Growing rapidly, at present University Kebangsaan Malaysia has thirteen faculties. Some of the leading majors are Sociology, Pharmacy, Geography, Medicine, Law and Accounting.

  • Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University is one of the best universities in the world located in Thailand. Apart from being the best, it is also the oldest campus in the country. To be accepted at this college, you have to follow a very strict selection process.

Chulalongkorn University has a variety of internationally recognized courses, such as Chemical Engineering, Law, Petroleum Engineering, Art & Design, Computer Science, Architecture and Aerospace Engineering.

  • Tsingua University

In addition to the countries above, China also has the best university in Asia, namely Tsingua University. The campus, which is located in the Beijing area, China, was founded in 1911. Here, you can pursue undergraduate and postgraduate education in various majors.

The majors you can take at Tsingua University are Business and Management, Architecture and Development, Law, Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Health and Medicine, Social Sciences and Media and others.

In addition to the several universities above, there are many other best campuses in Southeast Asia that can be used as study destinations. For example The University if Hong Kong, Peking University, Kyoto University, The University of Tokyo, University Malaya and others. Those are some of the best universities in Southeast Asia that can be chosen. Each university has its own advantages that you need to explore before applying. Make sure you also like the country of study destination so that you will be more comfortable when studying later.