Know the Importance of Self Reward After Tired of Work

Work is a routine that must be done every day. Spending approximately 8 hours often makes us all feel tired and bored. Not to mention if there are complaints from consumers or superiors, then surely sometimes you will feel you are at a saturation point and even lose motivation.

Keeping motivated when you work is an important thing to do. The more motivated you are, then this will certainly be directly proportional to your productivity at work. One way that can be done to maintain motivation is to always provide self-reward.

For those of you who are curious about the importance of self-reward, then you need to read the review below.

What is the Importance of Self Reward After Tired of Work?

Is a Form of Self Appreciation

After here you are tired of working all day, surely your mind and body will feel tired. Just resting here is not enough and you need to give yourself a self reward. For example, when you manage to complete a task better, then there is nothing wrong with giving appreciation for the hard work.

You make no mistake, giving yourself an appreciation has proven to be very effective in keeping yourself positive and happy. This is in line with the increase in dopamine, which is a chemical found in the body that makes you feel happy.

Self Rewards Don’t Have to be Expensive

This form of self-reward does not always have to be branded or luxurious. If you really like snacks here, then you can buy them as a form of self-reward. Make sure your tiredness from work is replaced by pleasure.

Giving self-rewards after you have worked hard all day or a whole month is a must. But make sure you also consider the financial aspects you have. Because if you are too rash in spending money, it will only be a waste.

Therefore, you need to prepare special funds for the self-reward. If you really want a self-reward in the form of an expensive item, then you can save it first and try not to go into debt.

Self Reward Must be Positive

Next, the self-reward must be positive. The purpose of self-reward is to generate positive energy in yourself, so that you will always be motivated to work. Buying liquor or illegal drugs is not a form of self reward here. Because instead of increasing motivation, negative things like that will actually hurt you in the long run.

Relaxed for a moment

There are many forms of self-reward that can be given so that here you are always able to respect yourself and stay motivated at work. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of goods or attend a festive party. By relaxing for a moment and relaxing yourself is also the right form of self reward given to yourself. By relaxing and resting, the energy will be collected again, so that it will be enough energy for you to get to work the next day. You can do this relaxing activity alone or with your family.