Key Steps To Prepare For Your ACT Test And Structure

ACT is standardized test used for college admission in the United States. The ACT stands for American College Testing. Currently administered by ACT, this test covers four academic skill areas including English, reading, mathematics, and scientific reasoning. This test also offers an optional direct writing test. ACT is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the US and other hundreds universities outside of the US.

Important preparation for taking ACT

Taking ACT can be nerve-wrecking for most students because this kind of standardized test is typically daunting and stressful. So here are key steps you can do to ace your ACT for college admission:

Register for the ACT

You need to register before taking the test itself. You need to take care of the registration process online which include the process of making an account on the ACT website. During this  process, you need to pick the location. Choose the one that is not too far away from where you live. Also, pick a date wisely so you give yourself enough time to prepare. Pick a date at least three months in advance to give you enough room to study.

Familiarize yourself with ACT format and structure

Try to get more familiar with the format and structure of ACT. For this test, there are four multiple-choice sections as mentioned earlier; English, Math, Reading, and Scientific reasoning. Each section scored out of 36 points. For the optional writing essay, it scored out of 12 points.

Learn more about ACT’s content and question styles

The ACT has its own particular content and question styles you need to become familiar with during your preparation. You may also get some guide books for ACT to help you learn better about it and understand its content and question styles.

Establish a baseline of your own skills

It is highly likely that you are stronger in certain areas or skills than others. Hence, it is important to establish a baseline of your own skills. This way, you know what your weakness is, and how to improve it. To do so, you need to take a complete, timed ACT practice test. The ACT has released various version of official practice tests to help students prepare. You can take it online or use the pdf version. From the test, you will get the score of each section and you will be able to identify your strength and weakness.

Create study schedule

Make sure to be consistent when it comes to ACT preparation. Create a study schedule that helps you study more effectively. Spend a consistent number of hours every week preparing. Avoid cramming too close to the test date.

Get ready for the test

Closer to the test date, you may get nervous and stress but it’s okay. What you have to do is maintain your focus and calm your nerves through deep breathing. Make sure to get enough sleep night before taking the test, and have breakfast in the morning. Pack your bag with the essentials you need and ace the test.