Is Applying To College Early A Better Decision?

Each student may have different preference when it comes to deciding their future education including applying to college. There are many factors to consider when choosing a college. Aside from picking the right college, it is just as important to plan the timing on when to do it. Many suggest that early action and decision is better option because it means you can apply to your first-choice schools than regular applicants.

Benefits of applying to college earlier than others

The timelines of admission decision can vary from one college to another.  However, most colleges set November deadlines for early action and early decision. Then they send out early admission decision around mid-December. You can opt for applying to college early under early action or early decision. And here are several benefits you can get from it:

Earlier admission decision

As mentioned, applying to college early means your application will be due earlier than regular applications. This way, you can expect to receive admission decision sooner. Thus, it helps alleviate the stress of waiting for admission decisions. You can also solidify your college plan sooner.

Finish the college application sooner

Another benefit from applying to college under early action and early decision is that you can finish the college application process sooner. It allows time for you to prepare your college life. You can also just relax throughout your senior year and enjoy your spring free of stress due to college decision letters.

Increase the chance of being accepted

The earlier you apply to college, the higher the chance of being accepted because the college knows you will attend if admitted. It means the school increase the percentage of admitted applicants who agree to enroll as well. Some schools also let in higher percentages of early decision applicants than the regular decision applicants.

Early action

Early action is a nonbinding option that allow you to apply and potentially gain admission to one and even more schools earlier than other regular applicants. You need to submit your application materials until early or mid-November. The materials include transcripts, personal statement, and letters of recommendations. Then, early action schools will send out decision in December, January, or February. The admitted students should response to formally reply to the offers until 1 May.

Early decision

Early decision is different from early action because early decision is a binding agreement. It means you can apply only to one school under this admission plan. You cannot apply to multiple colleges. Early decision is usually opted by top-performing students who already know their first-choice college or university. The school you are applied for require your signature as well as your family’s and school counselor’s. Schools that offer early decision are usually private and highly selective. You will receive admission decision around December. Under early decision, you will have to enroll if accepted. You will also be required to withdraw any applications you have at other colleges. You will not be allowed to apply to more schools. You may get deferred to regular application pool if  rejected.