Increasing Your Chances Of Acceptance For College Admission

Most colleges typically look for top students since they have limited number of spots each term. Hence, the process of admission can be a little bit tricky for college admission staffs and daunting for applicants. Even if you already know that you have what it takes, you still need to prove it to the admission committee. This way, you will be able to increase your chances of acceptance and make yourself stand out from the rest of the competition.

High school GPA and class rank

Even though the process and policy of college admission is claimed to be different and more fair now, it is a number game still. Hence, your high school grades still matter for the admission. You need your transcript to have great list of your academic performance including courses, grades, and honors. You don’t have to get straight As. Consider taking more challenging courses and do well and it can even be more impressive. Your class rank will be reviewed too since the committee needs to know how you fared compared to your classmates.

AP and honor classes

Impress admission committee by taking Advanced Placement or AP and honor classes. It  can indicate your hard work at high school. It also shows that you are a type of students who embrace academic challenges. It shows that you are ready for college curriculum. It will also add more value to your transcript since your GPA will get higher too. AP and honor classes show your academic potential, making you a great candidate to be accepted.

Great SAT/ACT scores

This kind of standardized tests are often disliked by most students. However, the scores of those tests are still crucial to your application success. Hence, it is important that you take the tests more seriously by making preparation. The scores are often used by the committee to pinpoint which students will make it through the next round. You get more advantage with a strong test score than those who don’t.

Letters of recommendations

You need strong letters of recommendations to be able to stand out from the rest of your competition during college admission. Through college recommendation, the committee will get in-depth, third-person perspective to look into your academic capabilities, as well as social skills and character. Make sure that your letter recommendations are written by respected individuals who have seen you in action.

Excellent personal essay

You need excellent personal essay that is not too generic. Through your essay, tell interesting personal story that shows your personality. Make the committee interested to learn more about what makes you such an interesting individual through what you tell about your beliefs, athletic skills, artistic preference, habits, and personal experiences. Make engaging story to tell the strengths you have.

Volunteer and work experience

You will stand out even more if you have experience for taking part-time summer jobs, internships, or volunteer work. It allows the committee to see how you operate beyond the walls of a classroom. It also shows your leadership skills, responsibilities, and achievements.