Harvard University as One of the Best Campuses in the World

Harvard University is a very popular college for the world community. In 2021, the college will be ranked two in the world. Harvard is one of the oldest campuses in the United States. Historically, the college was founded in 1636.

Many students dream of studying at Harvard University because this campus is very advanced. Many great figures are Harvard alumni. Here is an explanation of the college.

About Harvard University

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is a private campus that has the best predicate in the world. At first, Harvard University was named New College. It was later changed to Harvard College before finally becoming Harvard University.

This college focuses a lot on teaching, learning and research. In conducting research, Harvard prioritizes reality over prejudice. Harvard is also one of the highest-paying colleges in the world.

Faculties at Harvard University

Harvard University has some of the best quality faculties. Each faculty has its own focus and advantages. The faculties consist of: Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Harvard Medical School, Kennedy School od Government, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Harvard Divinity School dan Harvard Graduate School of Public Health.

Fantastic Library

One of the highlights of Harvard University is that it has an amazing library. In fact, the library is included in the largest category in the world. It contains about 400 million manuscripts, 56 million archived web pages, 10 million photos and other collections.

At Harvard there are 70 separate library units that operated by a thousand staff. This is what makes the cost of studying at Harvard is not cheap.

List of World Leaders Graduated from Harvard University

In its history, Harvard was able to print great figures in the world. Among them is Barack Obama, who is the 44th President of the United States; Bill Gates who is the founder of Microsoft Company dan Conan O’Brien who is a comedian, writer and producer.

Apart from these figures, many Harvard graduates from various parts of the world have become great people.

Tuition Fees at Harvard University

The cost of education at Harvard is not cheap. For this reason, 70% of students at these universities study on scholarships. The cost for a full course at Harvard is about $50,000. As for part-time tuition, it costs around 6000 dollars.

However, Harvard offers a percentage of tuition subsidies in certain categories. This policy is expected to ease the burden on students. If you are an international student, in addition to tuition fees also require other costs such as housing. travel accommodation, visas and others.

Enrollment at Harvard University

Harvard University opens registration every year with certain conditions. Registration information can be found on the official Harvard University website. In it has been explained in full about the procedures and important information on the campus. If you aspire to study at Harvard, be sure to prepare yourself as best you can. Starting from academics, documents, English scores, fees and others. Try to be able to study with a scholarship at the campus so that the learning process becomes easier.