Do You Have a Dream of studying at Cambridge University? Check out the following reviews!

Cambridge University is one of the most popular universities. Maybe you are one of them. However, some people do not know this university in depth. Therefore, this time you will be given information about it.

About Cambridge University

Cambridge University is a campus located in London, one of the big cities in England. It was founded in 1209 and is the second oldest university in England. This college has a long history and continues to grow rapidly until now.

This is because the founder of the University of Cambridge is a lecturer at the University of Oxford. For some reason, he opened a new college. In fact, the two campuses have much in common.

Courses at Cambridge University

There are a variety of majors you can take at Cambridge. Majors in Arts are History, Geography, Economics, History of Art, English, Classics, Architecture, Human, Social and Political Sciences, Law, Land Economy, Management Studies, Linguistics and others.

While the majors in the field of science are Computer Science, Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, Manufacturing Engineering, Natural Sciences and others.

World Figures Graduates of Cambridge University

In its journey, Cambridge University succeeded in graduating many great figures of the world. Among them is Newton who is a physicist. He managed to become a role model in Newton’s Law which is then taught in all schools around the world.

Besides Newton, there is also Charles Darwin who discovered the theory of Evolution. His discoveries in science have also become a world reference until now. Not only that, Prince Charles who is the crown prince of the British empire is also a graduate of Cambridge University.

In addition to the names above, there are many other figures, scientists and researchers who are graduates of the university.

Cambridge University Entrance Requirements

Reputable universities such as Cambridge University have strict selection criteria. There are several conditions that you must meet if you want to enter it. These are the conditions:

  • For prospective international school graduates, the minimum score is A+.
  • Applicants have a strong determination and enthusiasm to continue their studies.
  • Applicants have good academic achievements and have experience in social or non-academic organizations.
  • Have an IELTS score of 7 for each subject or other equivalent score.
  • Meets all the required files.
  • Take all stages of the tests held by the university.

Cambridge University Excellence

Cambridge University has many advantages that attract many students. One of them is high academic standards so that graduates are people who have above average academic abilities. Graduates of this campus are highly respected.

Another advantage is that it consists of various departments, each of which is of very high quality. This is what makes the quality of research at Cambridge very credible and meaningful. That’s some information about Cambridge University that can add to your insight. You can get a lot of information about this campus on the official website. Including procedures for applying to the campus.