Assumptions To Avoid When Choosing College

If you are a student currently looking for the right college, or someone who are helping students deciding a college to apply for, make sure to avoid unnecessary assumptions in the process. Choosing the right college for you, for your students, or for your children can be stressful because there are factors to consider including finance, distance, reputation, etc.

Avoid making assumptions when choosing a college

It is not uncommon for students to feel unsatisfied of unhappy with their choice of college. Some of them end up studying with lack of motivation, and some just go with it to finish college on time. Choosing a college does matter because it can help you plan your future. Here are assumptions you should avoid when choosing college:

Small private colleges are only for the rich

Finance can be a huge factor for you to decide which college to go to. However, don’t let it deter you from choosing your dream college. Keep in mind that there are financial aids you can find if you have difficulty to afford the college you want. Also, eighty to ninety percent of small private colleges use the money they raise from alumni and other donors to make college more affordable. It is possible for parents to spend the same and even less at a small college as they would at the big state universities.

You should go to an Ivy or high selective college because you are a genius

You don’t have to go to an Ivy or any other highly selective colleges just because you are brilliant student. You can opt for small private colleges if you think it will provide what you want for your future education. In many cases, small private colleges offer more opportunities for research, publishing, and presentation which help build your resume.

You are an average student so you must choose community college to grade up before applying to four-year college

You should not make this kind of assumptions. You can go to private college and grade up. Small classes at private colleges often provide individual attention needed to help student grade up from being a C student to become B or A student.

You go to large high school so you should pick even bigger college

It is irrelevant to compare the size of your high school to the size of your prospective college. It is not apple to apple comparison. High school and colleges are totally different educational institution with different system and policy. The size of them won’t matter.

You should go to big university because you are social person

It is nearly impossible to have thousands of close friends. Hence, there is no need for you to choose college based on your social skills or tendency. In fact, friendship groups tend to be bigger at small colleges. You also don’t have to worry too much about going to big college when you think you are not a social person. You can stay private and have social interaction as you prefer.