7 Skills Many Companies Need

For now, getting a job in the office is quite difficult!

There is some truth to that statement, because for now that is the situation. Not even a few graduates have difficulty applying for jobs. But still not getting a job.

In fact, it is not surprising that some people think that the level of education is not too important. But keep in mind that that doesn’t mean education isn’t important. Because it could be that their job applications have not been accepted because  are considered unfit to fill the positions they need.

So what’s the solution? The answer is skill or expertise. Yep at least you have to have the skills they need.

What are the most sought after skills by companies? For that, follow this discussion until it’s finished because we will review some of the skills that many companies are eyeing.

7 Skills Many Companies Need

Financial Management

One of the skills that companies need is proficient in managing company finances because this role is very vital in the company’s body. Because if it falls on the wrong person and has no experience, it is not impossible that the company will experience a decline.

Business Analysis

If you have expertise in analyzing something, especially in the business field, this is a skill to be proud of.

The reason is that the expertise in analyzing business has attracted many companies and is an almost mandatory position in a company. The aim is none other than to analyze all the problems and developments of the company and analyze competitors.

Social Media Management

As is well known, we are now in the digital era, which means that almost all companies also participate and inevitably have to participate in digital developments if they want to be known by many people.

The role of social media cannot be underestimated, because almost a percent of people use and are active on social media, which means it becomes an easy market to get sales from social media, especially for companies that sell digital products.

Graphic design

The good news for those of you who have hobbies and have skills in the field of graphic design should be deepened because graphic design skills are currently being looked at by many companies.

So for those of you who have thought that your hobby of studying graphic design applications is a waste, don’t be discouraged, because that skill is something to be proud of.

Digital Marketing

Along with the development of the times and the rapid development of digital technology, some companies that previously only operated in the offline market to follow the flow of marketing via online (digital marketing).

Online marketing skills are needed because the internet is one of the easy markets to get customers.


It’s no secret that programmers are one of the skills that companies need, especially if they are engaged in digital business.

In addition, programmers usually get a fairly high salary or salary considering that not everyone can do this skill.

Programmers will be required to create websites or applications that will later be useful for company operations.


Not just writing or creating content as usual, copywriting is a skill in creating content that mostly aims to attract the interest of readers or listeners. Copywriters are needed by a number of companies with the aim of introducing products to potential customers and getting purchases.