5 tips to balance work and personal life

Work is indeed a positive activity whose purpose is to earn income and fulfill daily needs.

However, on the other hand, if you work too hard, it is also not good for you because it will cause fatigue both physically and psychologically.

The cool term is Bournot, which means the state of fatigue felt by those who work too hard.

It sounds quite trivial, but the article is that if this condition is left unattended and used for a long period of time, it is very dangerous, especially in terms of one’s psychology and will also have an impact on physical health.

The effects that often occur are fatigue, lack of enthusiasm and depression that continues to worsen if left for too long.

So from now on, let’s start changing your habit patterns to avoid this condition. How to deal with Bournot?

The solution to avoid Bournot is to balance the pattern of life in the world of work and personal or in cool language called work life balance.

By applying the method above, it is likely that you will avoid bournot. Then what?

Let’s keep reading to the end.

What are the Tips for Balancing Work Life and Personal Life?

Here’s a pattern you need to apply to prevent bournot:

Enough rest

We underline again, work is indeed a positive activity but if it is too forced it will have an impact on mental and physical health.

So if you feel tired and getting bored, you should start resting by leaving your desk to go to a place you like or just walking around the park to get rid of boredom.

Set the Maximum Sleep Hours

Many think that sleep is not too important, even many are willing to reduce their sleeping hours to do things such as working overtime due to deadlines.

Because the assumption is not true, because sleep is something that is needed by the human body whose purpose is to rest the organs in the body.

if you are used to skipping hours of sleep then it is not good for health because it will have a negative impact on health.

Another effect that is immediately felt if you lack hours of sleep will usually be difficult to concentrate and lose focus while working. Isn’t that very detrimental? Therefore, let’s keep your sleep pattern well.

Take Time To Find Entertainment

When you work, the brain is usually in a state of focus and thinking about something. According to research, this situation will cause nerves in the brain to tense up and if left for too long it will have a negative impact on mental health such as depression.

The solution is to divide or take the time to leave everything about work and switch to looking for entertainment whose purpose is none other than refreshing the brain.


Exercise is an important activity that you need to do whose purpose is to keep your body in shape.

Take your time to do sports activities at least 30 minutes a week, because according to research exercise can eliminate brain chemicals that cause stress.

Making Time for Family

Family is an important figure, so don’t miss discussing with them because a harmonious relationship will also affect your career progress. Have fun with them, tell them all the fun stuff and forget all about work.