5 High Paying Jobs, Content Creator is one of them

When you were still sitting on the bench of education, maybe it crossed your mind after graduating from school or finishing your education, what do you want to do and where do you want to work?

This is indeed quite natural because finding and choosing a job is something that is not easy.

One of the main goals of work, namely money or salary, is certain. Being able to work in a company that gives high salaries to its employees is certainly fun.

Regarding salary, in every company there are differences, generally the amount of salary given by the company is in accordance with the position of the employee himself, the type of work and benefits to the company. Here are the highly paid jobs by the company:

What Are the Types of High Paying Jobs?


It’s no secret that working in the banking sector earns a pretty promising salary. No wonder this job is one of the favorite jobs for young people because apart from salary, the work situation is also quite comfortable.

Marketing Expert

The existence of marketing experts is needed in the company because they are the spearhead of financial suppliers if the company is engaged in product sales.

Marketing experts get a pretty promising salary, which is above 10 million per month, it’s different if you have become a marketing director according to some sources, the salary is estimated at up to 80 million per month.

Content Creator

What content creators?? Yep that’s right. Currently we live in a digital era where content is needed for various purposes, one of which is as a sales medium.

Interestingly, to become a content creator, one does not have to work in a company, that is, they can work independently.

The job is also quite fun just creating content where they want. Pretty interesting isn’t it? No need to think about having to go to the office early in the morning.

To earn income, they only need to create content after uploading it on social media, the money flows along with the number of sales from the videos they make.

Information Technology (IT) Staff

Along with the rapid development of technology, companies need people who are proficient in the field of information technology.

Do you know? The salary is also not playing games, which is above 15 million per month. How promising is not it? so for those of you who are currently still in school and following vocational information technology, study harder.

Financial manager

Finance manager is one of the high paying jobs, no wonder because his role is so big for the continuation of the company.

Managing finances within the scope of the company is also not something easy but requires special expertise in the field.

The above are some of the high-paying professions, hopefully it can be an illustration for those of you who are still confused about choosing a job. So little information that we can explain, hopefully this article can help.